What Are Some Good Love Poems for Men?

Some good love poems for men are "To My Dear and Loving Husband," by Anne Bradstreet, "I Love You," by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and "I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love," by Christina Rossetti. The poems respectively describe a wife's love, a passionate young romance, and an established relationship.

Bradstreet's poem describes the satisfaction of a wife with her husband and compares his love to treasures such as gold mines and Eastern riches. It describes their mutual happiness with each other as well.

Wilcox's poem reflects on the passion of young romance. She lists parts of her lover's body that she loves such as his lips when they are red with desire, and his eyes when they are lit up with fiery passion.

Rossetti describes a man's love that has surpassed her love for him, although she loved him first. She compares their feelings of love to soaring birds with his having risen higher than hers. Later in the poem, Rossetti reasons that the comparison is pointless, since their love has made them one. Comparing the intensity of each partner's love no longer makes sense, since that is comparing something to itself.