What Are Some Good Line Dancing Lessons?


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Some basic line dancing lessons cover the "Cupid Shuffle," the "Wobble" and the "Cowboy Boogie." While understanding the steps is important, much of line dancing involves a person's movements between the steps, including how the dancer moves the hips, upper torso and arms.

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One of the easiest dances to learn, the "Cupid Shuffle," begins with eight counts to the right. The eighth count is merely a touch that involves no shift of weight. Follow with eight counts to the left, repeating the lack of weight shifting on the last count. Next, complete eight stationary heel taps, then eight counts of stepping in place to face quarter of the way to the left. Repeat all of the steps facing the new direction.

The "Wobble" line dance entails hopping forward, dancing freestyle in one place, then hopping backward and dancing freestyle in one place. After that, move hands to the left and wiggle them, adding flair as desired. This is followed by repeating a basic cha cha twice, where the dancer moves forward, backward and then cha chas in place. Turn to face another wall and repeat.

The "Cowboy Boogie" begins with a grapevine step to the right that has a slight knee lift at the end. Repeat the same grapevine move to the left with another knee lift. Take one step forward and add a lift, then another step forward with a lift. Step back three counts, lift a knee, and then do a slight hip movement forward and back. Make a quarter-degree turn and repeat.

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