What Are Some Good Journals Dealing With Early Childhood Education?


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Early Childhood Education Journal, The Journal of Early Childhood Research, Early Education and Development, and The Journal of Early Intervention are examples of journals that deal with the topic of early childhood education. All of these publications publish peer-reviewed academic articles and cover practical, theoretical and research-related topics.

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Early Childhood Education Journal includes articles written on special needs education, teaching multicultural groups and curriculum development for children ages 0 to 8 years. Interested readers can access it through academic databases such as EBSCO, Academic Search and Educational Research Abstracts Online.

The Journal of Early Childhood Research has an international focus on young children's issues; it markets itself to early childhood educators as well as policy makers. Articles in this journal are written on such subjects as practitioner experiences, the relationship between play and problem solving and Aboriginal education.

Early Education and Development is an academic journal that uses research to inform practice. It is part of the Taylor and Francis Group of academic journals. Topics covered in this publication include parental roles, the learning environment and at-risk children.

Lastly, The Journal of Early Intervention presents itself as a publication focusing on special-needs children with developmental issues. Peer-reviewed articles covered in this journal discuss autism and gluten-free diets, speech disorders, inclusion programs for autistic children and supporting grandparents as primary caregivers.

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