What Are Some Good Jamaican Reggae Songs?


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Jamaican reggae songs are very popular and include songs like "Redemption Song," "The Harder They Come," "Stir It Up" and "Here I Come." Some of the most popular reggae songs belong to the famous Bob Marley, according to PopVortex, who is one of the icons of reggae music even years after his death.

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Many of the popular reggae songs are anthems for the people or for ideals that they believe in. Bob Marley's lyrics in "Redemption Song" spoke of people freeing themselves from mental slavery and realizing that no one but themselves rules over their thoughts and feelings. The song has been an anthem for millions is one of the top ten reggae songs downloaded on iTunes, as stated by PopVortex.

"The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff is a tribute to the spirit of reggae music itself. The song talks about the various aspects of the music. Reggae music is not only fun, but also has a lot of layers which speaks to the pride and passion of not only the music but the people who make the music. Not only does reggae music speak about anthems and power, it can also speak about love. Bob Marley's "Stir It Up" was a song written about his wife and was one of his first big hits outside of Jamaica.

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