What Are Some Good Jack Prelutsky Poems for Kids?

What Are Some Good Jack Prelutsky Poems for Kids?

Some Jack Prelutsky poems for kids include "A Centipede Was Thirsty," "Carpenter, Carpenter," "The Average Hippopotamus" and "My Brother's Bug." Each poem appeals to kids of all ages.

"A Centipede Was Thirsty" is a short poem that reads, "A centipede was thirsty, but to satisfy its need, it drank too much for it to hold, and so the centipede."

"Carpenter, Carpenter" reads, "Carpenter, carpenter, build us a house, a sweet little house for a mouse and a spouse. A mouse and a spouse and a family too, we know that you can, and we hope that you do. Build it of brick so it's cozy and warm, to keep us from harm in a cold winter storm. As soon as you finish, we'll pay you with cheese, carpenter, carpenter, build our house, please.

The average hippopotamus is big from top to bottomus, it travels at a trotamus and swims when days are hotamus. Because it eats a lotamus, it's practically a yachtamus, so it's a cinch to spotamus the average hippopotamus."

"My Brother's Bug" is from the book "Something Big Has Been Here." It reads, "My brother's bug was green and plump. It did not run, it could not jump. It had no fur for it to shed, it slept all night beneath his bed. My brother's bug had dainty feet, it did not need a lot to eat. It did not need a lot to drink, it did not scream, it did not stink. It always tried to be polite, it did not scratch, it did not bite. The only time it soiled the rug was when I squashed my brother's bug."