What Are Some Good Inspirational Poems About Cancer?


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Some inspirational poems about cancer are "What Cancer Cannot Do" and "Our Hearts Will Always Touch." Another inspirational poem that focuses on losing hair while battling cancer is "Farewell to Hair" by Terri Hanson.

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"What Cancer Cannot Do" focuses on all of the things that cancer can't take away from a person. For example, a person with cancer still has love and faith. A person with cancer still has her memories from life. In addition, cancer can't take away hope, friendship or eternal life. The poem ends by saying that cancer can't kill the spirit.

Similarly, in "Our Hearts Will Always Touch," the author focuses on meeting her mother again one day after losing her to cancer. The writer says that she remains connected to her mother even though her mother is gone. She recounts all of the good times that she remembers with the mother. The daughter talks about how she tried to comfort her mother as her mother suffered.

"Farewell to Hair" tells the story of a woman fighting cancer. The woman steps outside and runs her fingers through her hair. Much of the hair falls out and blows in the wind. More hair falls out than the woman can count. The woman images that a mother bird finds the hair and builds a nest. Even though her head is cold because of cancer, she imagines that baby birds enjoy the warmth of her hair. The thought of baby birds sleeping in her hair makes her smile, and she wears a cap to keep her head warm.

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