What Are Some Good History Channel Documentaries?

What Are Some Good History Channel Documentaries?

History Channel documentaries such as "Bible Secrets Revealed," "America: The Story of Us," "The Men Who Built America" and "Last Days of the Nazis," are very well-regarded among both critics and television viewers. The History Channel makes an effort to cover all aspects and times of history, with programming designed to appeal to a wide range of audience members.

"Bible Secrets Revealed" is a popular six-part documentary series with episodes entitled "Mysterious Prophesies," "Sex and the Scriptures" and "The Promised Land." Additional installments include "Forbidden Scriptures," "The Real Jesus" and "Lost in Translation."

"America: The Story of Us," is a 12-part series covering the story of how the United States came to be, who has made up its population and how it has been involved in world affairs. A few of the episodes are "Rise of a Superpower," "Boom," "Metropolis," "Heartland" and "The Civil War."

"The Men Who Built America" is a series of four hour-long documentaries on the captains of early American industry, including J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, Henry Ford and Charles Schwab.

"Last Days of the Nazis" is a three-part series focused on the fall of Germany's Third Reich. The series uses the words of Nazi officials and party members, taken from their post-war interrogations, as its source material.