What Are Some Good Fonts for Sign Lettering?


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Some good fonts for sign lettering include old-school style sign fonts such as American Brewery Clean & Rough, Morning Glory, Holden and Epique. Other old-school style fonts for signs include the Eighty-One Typeface group of fonts, Insurance Maps and Hustlers Clean & Rough

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American Brewery Clean & Rough features two font versions typical of lettering in old-fashioned beer labels. The Morning Glory font was inspired by the lettering of the signs that apothecaries of the past used in their stores. The font features matching border vectors.

The Holden font uses all capital letters, but the uppercase letters are shadowed to allow highlighting of brand and product names. The font is well-suited for labels and logos. For a more ornate look, especially for fancy invitations or signs for more formal occasions, Epique is a Victorian typeface that suits the bill.

Eighty-One Typeface includes six fonts that can make the message in a sign stand out with its grainy and shadowed components. Insurance Maps is based on the fonts of insurance maps made by the Sanborn Map Company in the early 20th century and is perfect to use for travel signs and posters. Influenced by traveling circus and carnival signs announcing an upcoming visit, Hustlers Clean & Rough offers two font versions for variation and highlighting text.

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