What Is a Good Explanation of the Movie "Life of Pi"?

"Life of Pi" is an Oscar-winning drama film directed by Ang Lee that tells the story of Pi, a young Indian man surviving on a small boat with a Bengal tiger. The story is framed by an older Pi recounting his adventures to a journalist.

"Life of Pi" begins with a 16-year-old Pi, played by Suraj Sharma, sailing from India to Canada with his family on a transport ship, which is also carrying numerous animals. In the middle of the night, a massive storm destroys the ship, leaving no survivors other than Pi, a spotted hyena, an orangutan and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Eventually, Pi and Richard are the only remaining survivors, and the two learn to bond so they can survive on their small boat until they reach land.

These events are a story within a story told by an older Pi, played by Irrfan Khan, to a journalist, played by Rafe Spall. The journalist frequently points out the implausibility of the story, and the older Pi tells him that the better story is the one that should be believed. The story ends with the journalist choosing to believe Pi's tale. "Life of Pi" won four Oscars, including the Academy Award for Best Director for Ang Lee.