What Are Some Good Examples of Copper Wall Art?


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A few good examples of copper wall art are having an accent wall made largely of copper or having copper artwork that covers most of a wall. Other good examples are sculptures that begin at a wall and extend downward or copper strips to accent a wall.

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Some forms of copper wall art can form a simple border along the ceiling or just above the floor of the wall. Use this to draw attention to accent walls or to separate rooms. Trellis or filigree work in copper on a garden wall can be framed in wood to make it a work of art that can weather the outdoor conditions. Large copper wall plaques in geometric designs or even alphabets make wall art that is durable and low maintenance.

Stone or marble fireplaces can have geometric or wavy copper accents above them to add warmth to a room. Copper used to frame pictures, mirrors or even a small window is an unique way to incorporate the metal into a room. Copper also makes for great backing for open bookshelves and display cabinets. The metal can be used as wall art in the bathroom by using it in the piping and leaving the piping exposed and having the same design extend to the fixtures.

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