What Is a Good Example of a Short Bio?

A short biography details what the person's accomplishments are, what he does for a living, any awards he has earned or any education he has received. Depending on the biography's use, part of the biography contains personal information, such as where he grew up, where he currently lives and any hobbies or passions he has.

If the biography is for an author or a person of social interest, the information in the biography is centered on personal information and facts about the person his audience might find interesting. Many authors also include an anecdote about what they do when they are not writing. If the biography is for a job application, the content focuses on information relevant to the workplace and professional achievements, while personal information is kept at a minimum. A professional biography may also include any future goals the person is working toward.

Once the information is gathered and written concisely, it is arranged in a paragraph or two, starting with the most important or impressive information first. For example, if the biography is for an author who has won an award in literature, this is the first information provided. The rest of the information is arranged in a coherent manner, with any personal information at the end.