What Are Some Good Eritrean Movies?


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"Minister," "Dagmay Hiwet" and "Photojournalisms" are considered good Eritrean movies. As of 2015, these three films have the highest ratings of all Eritrean films on IMDb.

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"Minister," directed by Temesghen Zehaie Abraha and released in 2002, is the story of an Eritrean soldier enlisted in the British army who decides to desert in order to protect his village. "Dagmay Hiwet," also known as "Revival", is an action movie from 2013 in the Tigrigna language. "Photojournalisms" from 2013 is a short film that mixes documentary and adventure genres. The plot is about Ed Kashi, a photographer who travels around the world, and the cinematography consists of a collage portraying diary entries from his life.

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