How Do You Get a Good Deal on DirecTV As an Existing Customer?


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To get a good deal on DirecTV as an existing customer, call the company's customer service department and tell them you're considering canceling your service. Listen to the offers the representative makes, and negotiate what you want.

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Before calling, prepare for negotiations by researching competitors and their current deals. When you call, be polite to the customer service representative so he is more willing to assist you. If he isn't helpful, ask to speak to someone else. You may be transferred to the retention department, which is able to provide the most discounts.

Begin the conversation by explaining that you're unhappy with your service and looking at other providers, then ask what deals DirecTV has available. If you found a good deal from a competitor, ask if DirecTV can match it. If necessary, tell the representative you want to set a cancel date in two to three weeks time so you can get your new service installed. At this point, the representative should give you his best offer.

If the representative can't give you a price discount, ask for a free upgrade, such as a DVR or premium channels. Discounts and promotions typically last for six to 12 months. Once the discount expires, call back and ask for another. You may be required to pay full price for a certain period of time before you're eligible for another discount.

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