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As of December 2015, some current health articles include "Watching TV Might Slow Your Brain" and "Gaining Weight Between Pregnancies Increases Risk of Infant Death." Both of these articles are available online from Medical News Today.

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Written by Tim Newman, the article "Watching TV Might Slow Your Brain" discusses new longitudinal research on how people who have a sedentary lifestyle and watch many hours of TV may have slower cognitive function than those who have a more active lifestyle and watch less TV. In this British study, researchers measured cognitive function by three cognitive tests: the Digital Symbol Substitution Test, the Stoop test and the Rey Auditory Verbal Leaning Test. Scientists found that participants who had a less active lifestyle and watched more TV in young to mid-adulthood performed significantly worse on two of the three cognitive tests.

"Gaining Weight Between Pregnancies Increases Risk of Infant Death," written by Marie Ellis, discusses new research showing that mothers of a previously healthy weight who gain a moderate amount of weight between their first and second pregnancies face an increased risk of infant death in the child's first year of life. Research also has shown that maternal weight loss before the second pregnancy can significantly lower the risk of infant death.

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