What Are Some Good Clifford The Big Red Dog Books?

"Clifford's ABC," "Clifford, We Love You," "Clifford's Happy Mother's Day" and "Clifford to the Rescue" are 8-inch by 8-inch books that feature Clifford the Big Red Dog. For level 1 readers, there are "Clifford's Best Pals," "Clifford's Busy Week," "Clifford Is a Star" and "Clifford's First Sleepover."

"Clifford's ABC" shows its readers the alphabet by teaching words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. In "Clifford, We Love You," Clifford is feeling sad, but then Emily, the dog's owner, writes a happy song for him. Clifford may have ruined Mother's Day when he messes up Emily's and her father's gifts in "Clifford's Happy Mother's Day." In "Clifford to the Rescue," the reader finds out who Clifford helps in the community.

For the level 1 readers, such as "Clifford's Best Pals," Clifford and his friends learn how to play games without causing too much damage. "Clifford's Busy Week" shows Clifford and Emily retracing all the things Clifford did during the past week to find Clifford's lost toy before they go visit Emily's grandmother on a Sunday. "Clifford Is a Star" deals with Clifford's newfound fame as a Hollywood movie star, and in "Clifford's First Sleepover," Clifford sneaks into Emily's suitcase because he really wants to go on a sleepover with her.