What Are Some Good Classic TV Series?


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Some classic televisions series include “Bewitched,” “Hill Street Blues” and “The Larry Sanders Show.” All three shows were well ahead of their time, influencing many subsequent series.

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What Are Some Good Classic TV Series?
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“Bewitched” was one of the notable high concept sitcoms of the 1960s, focusing on the marriage between a witch and her non-magical husband. Though the show presents itself as a lighthearted comedy, “Bewitched” is actually a metaphor for the changing social roles of women in the 1960s, with nose-twitching protagonist Samantha representing the frustrations and desires of a generation of increasingly liberated housewives.

“Hill Street Blues” was one of the most popular and influential cop shows of the 1980s, providing a model for subsequent shows, such as “Law & Order.” Set in an unnamed American town, the series follows the struggles of a group of officers and detectives through self-contained episodes and innovative long-form story arcs. The show’s multiracial cast and treatment of serious issues, such as alcoholism, made “Hill Street Blues” revolutionary for its time.

Gary Shandling stars as a fictional late night talk show host on “The Larry Sanders Show,” a witty, behind-the-scenes comedy that influenced many subsequent sitcoms, including “The Office” and “30 Rock.” The show’s offbeat setting and awkward sense of humor are unique, even among contemporary sitcoms, and “The Larry Sanders Show” also provided a launch pad for many future stars, such as Jeremy Piven and Sarah Silverman.

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