What are some good classic TV series?


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Some classic televisions series include ��Bewitched,�� ��Hill Street Blues�� and ��The Larry Sanders Show.�� All three shows were well ahead of their time, influencing many subsequent series.

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What are some good classic TV series?
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��Bewitched�� was one of the notable high concept sitcoms of the 1960s, focusing on the marriage between a witch and her non-magical husband. Though the show presents itself as a lighthearted comedy, ��Bewitched�� is actually a metaphor for the changing social roles of women in the 1960s, with nose-twitching protagonist Samantha representing the frustrations and desires of a generation of increasingly liberated housewives.

��Hill Street Blues�� was one of the most popular and influential cop shows of the 1980s, providing a model for subsequent shows, such as ��Law & Order.�� Set in an unnamed American town, the series follows the struggles of a group of officers and detectives through self-contained episodes and innovative long-form story arcs. The show��s multiracial cast and treatment of serious issues, such as alcoholism, made ��Hill Street Blues�� revolutionary for its time.

Gary Shandling stars as a fictional late night talk show host on ��The Larry Sanders Show,�� a witty, behind-the-scenes comedy that influenced many subsequent sitcoms, including ��The Office�� and ��30 Rock.�� The show��s offbeat setting and awkward sense of humor are unique, even among contemporary sitcoms, and ��The Larry Sanders Show�� also provided a launch pad for many future stars, such as Jeremy Piven and Sarah Silverman.

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