What are some good classic books to read?


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Some good classic books to read include Homer���s ���The Iliad��� and ���The Odyssey,��� Cervantes��� ���Don Quixote��� and Dostoyevsky���s ���The Brother Karamazov.��� These books are all classics of world literature and are rated highly by critics.

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What are some good classic books to read?
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Homer���s epic poems ���The Iliad��� and ���The Odyssey��� are a crucial part of the literary canon, exerting a considerable influence over most subsequent literature, from Dante to James Joyce. ���The Iliad��� narrates the Trojan War, while ���The Odyssey��� details hero Odysseus��� quest to return home following the war. Both books touch on universal themes, such as friendship, love and war, and Homer���s work is still widely read after nearly 3,000 years.

Miguel De Cervantes��� ���Don Quixote��� is generally considered the first modern novel, and the book���s windmill-battling knight errant is one of the most iconic figures in literature. Originally published in the early 17th century, the two-part novel tells the tale of a noble so obsessed with heroic novels that he attempts to live out his own chivalric tale. Revolutionary at the time of its publication, ���Don Quixote��� is still widely considered one of the greatest books of all time.

First published in 1880, Fyodor Dostoyevsky���s ���The Brothers Karamazov��� is a seminal work of both Russian and world literature. The tale of three wildly different brothers brought together after the murder of their tyrannical father, the novel is a deeply philosophical meditation on morality, religious faith and free will.

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