How Do You Find Good CDs to Buy?

How Do You Find Good CDs to Buy?

To find good CDs to buy, download a music streaming application, such as Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music, as of 2015. Use the application's music recommendation feature to find songs that you may like, based on your listening patterns. If you like a recommendation, shop for CDs by that artist.

Music streaming applications offer similar features with some variations. Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music all offer monthly subscriptions that allow you to stream music from a library of 30 million songs.

Spotify offers free streaming with advertisements. If you pay a monthly subscription fee, you're able to stream songs without advertisements in between songs, and you have access to additional features. Google Play Music and Apple Music offer free radio stations, but require a monthly subscription fee for music streaming. Google Play Music has a 30-day free trial period, while Apple Music has a three-month free trial period.

Google Play Music and Apple Music both offer online cloud storage for music, which they call song lockers. After storing songs in a song locker, you can listen to them at any time.

Spotify offers podcasts and clips from television shows, in addition to its music content. It can also find songs with beats that match a user's running pace.