What Are Some Good Books for Choosing a Baby Name?


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Some good books for helping expectant parents choose a baby name are "The Baby Name Wizard" by Laura Wattenberg, "Inspired Baby Names From Around the World" by Neala Shane, "The Complete Book of Baby Names" by Ellen Warren, "100,000+ Baby Names" by Bruce Lansky and "The Name Book" by Dorothy Astoria. Each of these reference works is available on Amazon.com in both a paperback and Kindle e-book edition, as of 2015.

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"The Baby Name Wizard" is now in its third edition. Laura Wattenberg attempts to go beyond a simple list of names with their meanings and derivations. Instead, she has developed a computer model to identify trends and categories of names. The model draws on a unique database of names taken from diverse sources such as colonial census records, lists of Catholic saints, birth announcements in Ivy League alumni magazines, African-American sorority memberships and soap opera cast lists. Parents can identify names that are trending, see where a name may have been used in the past and find similar names to ones they may be considering.

"Inspired Baby Names From Around the World" provides over 6,000 names used worldwide. The guide gives information about pronunciation, origin, alternate spellings and meanings for each name, and it also shares the name's historical, spiritual and cultural backgrounds.

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