What Are Some Good Appreciation Poems for a Coworker?

"You Didn't Have To," "Priorities" and "Thank You!" are some examples of gratitude poems for co-workers. "What is a Boss?" is suitable for thanking a supervisor, while WishesMessages.com contains several anonymous poems for thanking co-workers.

"You Didn't Have To" by Joanna Fuchs is a two-verse poem appropriate for thanking a co-worker. The short poem is especially geared toward showing gratitude for a specific helpful act. "Thank You!" by the same author offers general wishes of gratitude for the helpfulness of a co-worker. "Priorities," also by Fuchs, expresses appreciation for work colleagues who make time in their busy day to help others.

"What is a Boss?" poses the question of the title and answers it with helpful acts. For example, the poem compares the boss to a parent pushing employees to do their best and a weather forecaster predicting sunshine. The poem ends with words of gratitude for the supervisor.

WishesMessages.com offers several verses suitable for expressing appreciation to a co-worker. For example, one of the poems thanks a co-worker for showing the speaker how to have a successful career. Another one expresses gratitude for all the little actions that make work easier, such as making coffee runs and meeting deadlines. The eighth poem in the list celebrates a work colleague with whom the speaker has been competing "in a healthy way."