What are some good appreciation poems for Christian pastors?


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Appreciation poems for Christian pastors include "Lord, Help My Pastor" and "With Praise for Your Pastor." In addition, the Christian poem "Only As Good As" is a pastor appreciation poem that works well for a pastor that leads music worship.

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In "Lord, Help My Pastor," the speaker discusses the pastor's burdens and obstacles and states that these challenges are reasons why the pastor needs God's help. The speaker asks for God to give the pastor strength so that the pastor can complete his busy schedule, and goes on to state that the pastor needs God's help to protect him from dangers and sinful temptations. The speaker ends by asking God to give the pastor the right words to speak God's message to his congregation.

"With Praise for Your Pastor" is an appreciation poem that starts by discussing the pastor's friendship with God. The poem thanks the congregation for making the pastor feel loved and appreciated. The speaker mentions that the pastor knows that the congregation loves his family. He goes on to say that the pastor needs friendship and prayers.

Similarly, in "Only As Good As," the speaker starts by stating the pastor's smile is infectious as she raises her baton to direct the choir. The speaker then praises the pastor for the beautiful music that her leadership creates. The pastor's efforts mesmerize the audience and leave them both dazed and appreciative, reveals the speaker. He goes on to mention that the choir smiles because they know that their singing ability comes from the pastor's skilled leadership.

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