What Are Some Good Anniversary Poems?


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Some good anniversary poems are "To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet, "Man and Wife" by Robert Lowell, "Anniversary" by Louise Gluck, "Couple Sharing a Peach" by Molly Peacock, "Earth Tremors Felt in Missouri" by Mona Van Duyn and "The Storm" by Theodore Roethke, notes Poets.org. These poems celebrate anniversaries and long-lasting unions through tiny moments, moments of love and the rocky challenges that can help strengthen a couple.

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Anniversary poems can mark the passage of time and celebrate the union in a more reflective and intimate way than the marriage ceremony. The 1947 poem "Couple Sharing a Peach" celebrates an anniversary by sharing the small, sometimes mundane situations shared by the couple. In the poem, Peacock describes the couple sharing a peach in a hotel room. It begins with "It's not the first time we've bitten into a peach." In "Earth Tremors Felt in Missouri," Van Duyn demonstrates that the times of difficulty during a marriage are healthy and common. Poems such as Robert Lowell's "Man and Wife" show that marriages can be strengthened by the couple's shared desired to survive.

Other good anniversary poems include "Lovesong" by Ted Hughes, "Francesco and Clare" by David St. John and "After Years" by Ted Kooser, notes Poets.org.

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