What Are Some Good Animal Planet TV Shows?


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Some popular shows on Animal Planet as of 2015 include "Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet," which is a reality show starring a veterinarian living in the Rocky Mountains, and "Finding Bigfoot," another reality show that follows Bigfoot enthusiasts on the trail for the elusive mythical creature. "The Last Alaskans" is stars people living in the back country in Alaska, isolated from the modern world. Another popular show is "North Woods Law," a reality series featuring game wardens and law enforcement in Maine's northern woods.

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"Redwood Kings" details the life and times of men working to turn reclaimed redwood trees into art and handcrafted furniture, while "River Monsters" follows Jeremy Wade, an extreme angler, around the world as he investigates tales of large or unusual fish lurking in global waters. "Tanked" is a reality series about two partners who construct amazing one-of-a-kind fish tanks for homes and businesses. "Treehouse Masters" follows Pete Nelson, a passionate treehouse designer as he creates treehouses for his clients.

"Insane Pools" features a team of pool designers and follows them as they create elaborate pools for customers all over the world. "Ice Lake Rebels" is another reality show set in the Northwest Territories in Canada, showcasing the dangers of life on the lake.

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