What Are Some Good Alliterative Poems for Teens?


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Some famous alliteration poems that can be interesting for teens to read include "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe, and "Lincoln, Man of the People," by Edwin Markham. These poems feature some words that begin with similar sounds closely grouped together, thus demonstrating alliteration.

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In "The Raven," examples of alliteration include words that begin with "w," "d" and "t" closely grouped together in certain parts of the poem. Meanwhile, in "Lincoln, Man of the People," words that begin with "m" and "h" and sound similar are close together in specific parts.

The similar beginning sound of words located close together in poems creates a dramatic effect or emphasis. If words that are grouped tightly start with the same letter but don't have the same sound at the beginning, it's not considered alliteration.

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