What Are the Goals of the Group Free Malaysia Today?

What Are the Goals of the Group Free Malaysia Today?

The aim of Free Malaysia Today is to provide readers with news that deviates from the media norm. Its objective is to spread truth through fact-based content without bias.

Free Malaysia Today emphasizes the importance of spreading reliable and strictly fact-based content. This passion is inspired by its belief that traditional media outlets are biased and lacking in objectivity. Free Malaysia Today feels that when the media is geared to promote singular thinking through propaganda, the result is an audience that becomes restless during momentous events.

A main focus of Free Malaysia Today is to bridge the divide between polarizing news sources. To fulfill this task, the team listens to the voice of the people and tells the story through first-hand experiences for the world to gain a new perspective.

The news website spotlights political activities but also touches on other fields of interest in pursuit of offering variety and balance to the readers. It invites readers to participate in sharing news, and readers are free to submit their perspectives or opinions, which may result in forming the foundation for other exclusive stories.

Free Malaysia Today believes that, because there is a strong desire for change, the urgency to push for action is greater. Other purposes are to be involved in the midst of changes in Malaysia and to witness history unfold by upholding the values of spreading truth and awareness.