What are some glues that work on vinyl?


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Wood glue is a common type of glue used for vinyl records. The glue is used to clean and restore old records. Other types of glues are only recommended to repair vinyl record covers. The materials found in vinyl records and wood glue, which are chemically similar, prevent the glue from binding to the record. This causes the glue to bind to other particles on the vinyl record, such as dust and dirt.

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Some vinyl owners careful spread wood glue on a vinyl record while it spins on a turntable, avoiding putting glue on the center label. Once the glue has completely dried, it is then slowly peeled off the record. The amount of glue used to cover the entire vinyl record determines how long it takes to dry. Some vinyl owners who have used the wood glue also claim it helps removes popping and cracking sounds.

Using the wood glue on older records first makes it possible to understand the technique. After becoming for familiar with the cleaning process, most vinyl owners then move on to clean more valuable albums. Elmer’s Office Glue Stick is recommended to repair the seam and spine splits found on some vinyl record covers.

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