What Are Some Facts About Glenn Beck?


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Glenn Beck is an American political commentator known for his work on Fox News, as well as for his work as an author. Beck has proven controversial, with many of his statements attracting criticism over the course of his career.

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Beck was born on Feb. 10, 1964 in Everett, Washington. His parents divorced when he was young, and Beck lived with his mother, despite her problems with alcohol. His mother died under mysterious circumstances, prompting Beck to move in with his father until his move to New York City. Following his dream of being a big radio personality, Beck was featured programs in Seattle, Louisville, Phoenix and Houston.

Despite being fairly successful, Beck didn't hit the national spotlight until after 9/11, when he achieved notoriety as a conservative pundit. He made numerous controversial remarks, with backlash coming from his statements regarding widows of 9/11-first responders and survivors of Hurricane Katrina. During this time, Beck moved "The Glenn Beck Program" to Fox News. After spending three years with Fox, he launched TheBlaze, a news website with a focus on conservative values, and also moved his show to the site. Beck is the author of numerous books, including "Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government," and "An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems."

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