What Are Some Gilbert Morris Novels?


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Some Gilbert Morris novels include "Joelle's Secret," "Angel Train," "Santa Fe Woman" and "A Man for Temperance." Gilbert Morris also wrote the Water Wheel Series, which includes the books "The River Queen," "The River Rose" and "The River Palace." Gilbert Morris is a former pastor and English professor who began writing historical fiction with Christian themes.

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"Angel Train" is a book about Charity Morgan, a member of a devout religious community in Pennsylvania in the mid-1800s. When the community is about to lose its homestead due to a recession, the group decides to travel by wagon train to Oregon. The safest way to make this journey is for Charity to get her prison warden uncle to offer a group of felons parole if they lead the community's wagon train to Oregon.

"Joelle's Secret "stars Joelle Jones, a 17-year-old girl living in the mid-1800s, who has just lost her mother and is forced to live with her stepfather, who has less than pure intentions. Joelle runs away, changes her looks to resemble a man, and becomes a stablehand. She is invited to join a wagon train to California by a treasure hunter. However, while on the trail, Joelle's identity as a woman is revealed, which causes problems between her and her traveling companions.

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