What Are Some of Gibb's 50 Rules on "NCIS"?


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When the job is done, walk away; never date a co-worker; clean up your own mess; and always watch your watchers are a few of Gibbs' rules from the "NCIS" TV show. The exact number of rules is not known, but is said to be around 50.

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a popular character on NCIS, is portrayed by Mark Harmon. He requires his entire team to follow his list of rules. Gibbs has revealed in the dhow that there are around 50 rules, though not

all of them have been revealed as of 2015.

Gibbs is known for being the best at handling violent situations and is the most highly regarded marksman on the team, though he must rely on his fellow agents to deal with the actual forensics. Most of the main or side characters in the show are afraid of Gibbs and his tough demeanor, yet even with his reputation for violence, he is respected by his colleagues and by other citizens. Gibbs was enrolled in the military for a brief time, and he was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart among other honors for his service. Most of the cases on "NCIS" involve the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, .

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