What Are Some Ghost Stories for Kids?


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“The Inn at the End of the Lane,” “Night of the Trees,” “Girl at the Underpass” and “The Open Window” are great ghost stories for children. Although none of them are graphic or excessively scary, the stories do offer mystery and surprise.

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“The Inn at the End of the Lane” tells the story of a mother and daughter traveling through a storm to visit a relative. The storm becomes violent, so the pair stops at an inn to stay the night. At the gas station on their way out of town the next day, they mention to the attendant that they have just come from the inn. The attendant tells them the inn recently burned down, and after driving back to see for themselves, they realize the attendant is right.

“Night of the Trees” is a creepy story about first-time campers who disappear in a forest thought to contain people-eating trees. “Girl at the Underpass” is part urban legend and tells the story of a young man who gives a girl a ride home after her dance. When he arrives at her house and attempts to open her car door, he realizes she has disappeared. “The Open Window” is a tale of a girl with an active imagination who likes to make up stories. She tells a visitor a tall tale that scares him so badly he leaps from her window and runs away.

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