What Are Some German Movies Available on YouTube?


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There are full-length German movies available on YouTube for rent, for purchase and for free. One of the movies available for free as of August of 2015 is "Death Hospital -- SOVIA," a horror movie released in 2008. One of the movies available for purchase is "Run Lola Run," released in the year 1999. A movie available for rent and for purchase is "Of Girls and Horses," released in 2015.

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German movies available on YouTube are divided into four categories. The categories are Featured, Top Selling, Free Movies and New Releases. Selecting the link associated to the title for a category reveals a larger selection of movies available within that category. There is also a small arrow to the right of each category that makes it possible to scroll through the selection. When a movie is selected by clicking on either its title or its image, a new YouTube page pops up where a synopsis of the movie is available as well as details about payment options, English language subtitles or English language voice-over. Beneath each video there is a feedback forum, where user comments and reviews for the movie are made available. To purchase a movie, users are required to verify that they are above 18 years of age.

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