What Genre of Music Does Blessthefall Play?


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Blessthefall's music falls into the metalcore genre, which is a fusion of heavy metal and punk music and often features breakdowns that are conducive to moshing. The genre has its roots in the hardcore punk and heavy metal movements of the 1970s and 1980s.

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Blessthefall was formed in 2003 and has released five albums as of 2015, all in the metalcore genre. Common to other metalcore bands, Blessthefall's music features blistering guitar riffs and a mix of clean and unclean vocals. Metalcore bands use the unclean vocals and breakdowns of hardcore punk, but they also have a more polished sound than some of their punk predecessors like Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. Traditional metal bands use a wide range of chords and keys, as well as such techniques as palm muting that generally do not exist in punk music.

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