What Are Some General Questions for Discussing Books?


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Some general questions for discussing fiction are "Did you identify with the story?" "What was the pivotal scene in the story?" "What were the characters' motivations?" and "Was the ending fulfilling?" Other questions include "What was the theme?" "What were some profound passages?" and "What would you ask the author?"

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Asking whether readers identified with the story can open up a discussion of how the story relates to their own experiences and what parts of it resonated with them. The "pivotal scene" question brings up the question of how the story would change if the pivotal scene were different. Analyzing character motivations can spur insights about why they did what they did, their relationships with one another and whether they grow or change during the course of the story. Ideas related to the "fulfilling ending" question are what made it satisfying or what alternate ending might have been better.

Theme questions ask what ideas or issues the story confronts. The exploration of deeper meanings can continue with the question about profound passages, which can include notable quotes. Questions for the author highlight unresolved issues and areas of curiosity.

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