What Is General Information About Bermuda?


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Bermuda is a small island 580 nautical miles off the east coast of North Carolina. It's 21 square miles in area and, as of 2015, home to 65,500. The island boasts 71 miles of coastline, and with a subtropical climate, tourists flock to it during summer.

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Bermuda's government consists of a governor, the premier, House of Assembly and the Senate. In the upper left corner of the country's flag is the United Kingdom's emblem. Underneath is the Bermudian coat of arms, depicting a lion holding a shield. The shield shows the sinking of the Sea Venture in 1609. This event is represented on the flag because it brought the first settlers to Bermuda. Bermuda is named after Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermúdez, who discovered the island in 1503.

Though a small island, Bermuda offers visitors many different activities. The island is home to museums, shopping, beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving reefs and ship wrecks, and more. At the end of the island near Dockyard, inside the National Museum of Bermuda is Dolphin Quest, a tourist attraction that allows individuals to swim with dolphins. On the opposite end of the island in St. George's, people can learn about Bermuda's former capital through visiting museums, reenactments, a lighthouse and Bermuda's Crystal Caves.

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