What Is Gary Paulsen's Book "Brian's Winter" About?


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Gary Paulsen's book "Brian's Winter" is a sequel to his popular novel "Hatchet." In "Hatchet," the main character Brian is stranded in the wilderness and must learn to survive alone for weeks, before finally being rescued. In "Brian's Winter," Paulsen shows what might have happened if Brian was never rescued.

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According to Scholastic.com, the novel "Hatchet" is about a 13-year-old boy named Brian who is stuck in the wilderness after the single engine plane he was on crashes over a Canadian forest. All he has to survive is the clothes on his back and a hatchet his mother gave him as a present. After a long struggle of learning how to survive, Brian is rescued before winter comes.

In "Brian's Winter," according to Publisher's Weekly, Paulsen continues the story of Brian as though he had never been rescued, showing Brian learning how to survive a harsh winter alone. He must still face the challenges of getting food for himself and avoiding confrontations with animals, but now he must also find ways to protect himself against the cold.

"Brian's Winter" exists in a different universe than Paulsen's other "Hatchet" sequel "The River," which picks up Brian's story two years after he was rescued. "The River" follows Brian's adventures when he is asked to return to the wilderness by the government so that he can show them how he managed to survive.

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