What Are Some Funny Turkey Poems?


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Some funny turkey poems are "A Thankful Turkey" by Gail DeBole and "Thanksgiving Turkey" by William Robinson. Other humorous poems are Tony Lane's "The Bird is the Word" and Robert L. Hinshaw's "Thanksgiving Leftovers." Harold Hunt Sr's "Pizza Again" and Natasha Niemi's "Turkey in a Can" are also amusing.

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"A Thankful Turkey" is about a bird who regularly escapes being made into a holiday dinner each year. In "Thanksgiving Turkey," a father wins a live turkey in a church raffle and trusts his children to fatten it up for the family dinner. The turkey realizes his fate and charms most of the family, much to the father's annoyance.

A Thanksgiving guest suppresses his complaints about the annual family dinner in "The Bird is the Word." Instead, he ponders how much better off he is than the turkey on the table. The speaker in "Thanksgiving Leftovers" is overstuffed after the big meal and regrets eating too much turkey. He listens with dread as his wife plans a long week of different turkey-centered meals.

It's "Pizza Again" when one family finds their perfectly cooked turkey missing just as they sit down to the Thanksgiving table. A husband laments his wife's poor cooking skills in "Turkey in a Can."

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