What Are Some Funny Short Poems?


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Some funny, short poems are "A Crime Scene" by Albert Van Hoogmoed and "The Pig" by Roald Dahl. "A Crime Scene" tells the story of two law-enforcement officers investigating a curious crime scene, and "The Pig" tells a story of a pig who eats the farmer before the farmer can eat him. Another funny, short poem is "I Tried to Take a Selfie."

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"A Crime Scene" tells the story of a man arriving home from work to find his wife murdered. Law enforcement responds to the scene of the crime and looks for clues. They find empty milk cartons all over the floor, scattered strawberries and spoonfuls of sugar. The younger officer asks who might have done such a terrible thing. The elder officer replies that the clues point to the work of a "cereal killer."

"The Pig" tells the story of a pig searching for the meaning of his life. Finally, the pig realizes that the farmer wants to turn the pig into bacon. Rather than turn into the farmer's lunch, one day the pig attacks the farmer and eats him instead. The pig is happy with himself for preventing his impending death.

"I Tried to Take a Selfie" tells the story of a girl who takes a photo of herself. When she takes the photo, she breaks her mobile phone. She then tries to take a selfie with her computer, and it breaks the computer. Finally, the girl breaks the entire Internet.

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