What Are Some Funny Poems About School?


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Some funny school poems include "Homework Stew" by Kenn Nesbitt, "My Dog Chewed Up My Homework" and "There's a New Cook in the Cafeteria" by Bruce Lansky, and "I Brought My Grandma's Teeth to School" by Robert Pottle. Other popular authors of funny school poems include Ted Scheu and Eric Ode.

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The most popular topics for school poems are those which are commonly complained about by students, such as being oppressed by mean teachers, doing homework, eating terrible cafeteria food, riding the bus and dealing with difficult classmates. Sometimes they also play on children's fantasies, describing the last day of school, a school shutting down for good or all of a school's teacher getting detention instead of dishing it out to students. Many of these poems are geared toward children in elementary and middle school, who are just getting used to the trials and tribulations of school life.

Kenn Nesbitt's website has many of his funny school poems, such as "I Raised My Hand in Class," "All My Great Excuses," "A Fish in a Spaceship" and "Basketball's My Favorite Sport." Robert Pottle writes poems about school for all ages, including poems about the first day of kindergarten and the trepidation of not knowing what a new teacher will be like.

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