What Are Some Funny Poems to Quote for a Birthday?


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Martin Dejnicki wrote a series of funny poems to quote for a birthday, including the poems "Can't Remember," "Your Zoo" and "Young at Heart." Each of these poems consists of a series of humorous rhyming couplets. All of the rhyming couplets are easy to quote, as they can stand on their own.

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What Are Some Funny Poems to Quote for a Birthday?
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Dejnicki's poem "Can't Remember" pokes fun at those who often forget the birthdays of the special people around them. The speaker, who is addressing a family member, knows that the current day marks a special occasion for that person, but cannot remember exactly what the occasion is: "I wish you something, just can't remember / Don't be upset, you're my family member."

"Your Zoo" and "Young at Heart" focus on the aging process. In "Your Zoo," Dejnicki's speaker compares a birthday celebration with family and friends to a zoo. Like an animal at a zoo, the one who is having the birthday and is now another year older is on display: "One simple day, placed on display / Carefully observed for signs of decay." The speaker in "Young at Heart" addressees a person celebrating his or her birthday, making light-hearted insults about aging, but also praising the person for still being so energetic: "With energy, like that pink bunny / You make us look lazy, that's not funny!"

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