What Are Some Funny Poems for Kids?

funny-poems-kids Credit: karelnoppe/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Funny poems for kids include "The Adventures of Isabel," by Ogden Nash and "The Dentist and the Crocodile," by Roald Dahl. "Mrs. Mitchell’s Underwear," by Dennis Lee, "Gas," by C.K. Williams and "Daddy Fell Into the Pond," by Alfred Noyes are additional funny poems for children.

Children's author Ken Nesbitt's website, Poetry4Kids.com, offers dozens of funny poems for kids. Among them are titles such as "My Hat Is Full Of Rabbits," "Joe The Sausage Maker," "Emilio, Emilio" and "I Tried to Ride a Skateboard." FizzyFunnyFuzzy.com is a website dedicated to funny poems for kids, such as "Super Spaceman Pigsworth," "The Crocodile," "Horatio McGann" and "Sailing Out To Space."