What Are Some Funny Newspaper Names?

Funny newspaper names include The Jefferson Jimplecute, located in Texas and one of the oldest newspapers in the United States, and The Unterrified Democrat, which has been published in Linn, Mo., for about 150 years. Other funny newspaper names include The Daily Boomerang in Wyoming; Porcupine’s Gazette, which existed in the 1700s; Trump of Fame from Warren, Ohio, which lasted four years; and Alaska's The Tundra Drums.

Funny newspaper names taken from the towns where they are located are The Anaconda Standard in Anaconda, Mont.; The Tombstone Epitaph and The Daily Tombstone from Tombstone, Ariz.; De Queen Bee from De Queen, Ark.; and Spooner Advocate from Spooner, Wis. One early newspaper from the early 1800s was named The Canal of Intelligence.

The first news sheet in Colonial America was published by James Franklin, brother of Benjamin Franklin. He called it The New England Courant. It included satire, poetry, autobiographies and histories in addition to news. Benjamin Franklin, who invented the first chain newspaper, founded The Pennsylvania Gazette, which ran from 1728 to 1800.

After 1990, newspaper readers declined sharply due to television and later the Internet. The number of published newspapers declined also due to lack of advertising and subscriptions.