What Are Some Funny Limerick Poems?


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A limerick is a poem that consists of five lines made famous by Edward Lear. The limerick "Gerbil Remedies" reads: A creature of charm is the gerbil / Its diet's exclusively herbal; / It grazes all day / On bunches of hay / Passing gas with an elegant burble.

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Limerick poems follow a specific rhyme scheme. The first, second and fifth line of the poem rhyme with one another and have an identical number of syllables. These lines have between eight and nine syllables each. Additionally, the third and fourth lines rhyme and have the same number of syllables. The third and fourth lines typically have five or six syllables. Many limericks start with "There once was a..." or something similar.

The limerick "Cat Spat" demonstrates the main rules of a limerick: There once were two cats from Kilkenny. / Each thought that was one cat too many, / So they started to fight / And to scratch and to bite— / Now, instead of two cats, there aren't any.

Other popular and humorous limericks include "In DeNile," "Thin Vin" and "I'm Owl Ears." Limericks are perfect for teaching children about poetry and meter because they are easy to remember and make them laugh.

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