What Are Some Funny Hyundai TV Commercials?


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One funny Hyundai TV commercial comes from Hyundai's time partnered with FIFA World Cup Brazil in 2014, and follows a guy desperately trying to make it home to watch the big game, which he had to record instead of watch live, before anyone spoils the news of who won. He goes through many obstacles, but he finally reaches his home, relieved. He gets in the door, and his daughter welcomes him home with a "Daddy, we won!"

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Another funny Hyundai TV commercial aired during the 2014 Super Bowl and stars Johnny Galecki, who is driving a Hyundai Elantra, and he finds himself driving alongside a beautiful woman in an Elantra as well. Johnny tells the woman "Nice ride" when she pulls up beside him, and she mistakes him for trying to hit on her. She says, "Nice try." They continue to drive as Johnny battles movie-style explosions and rings of fire. Their banter goes back and forth from Johnny's "Nice handling," to the woman's "Nice rambling." Richard Lewis appears in the back of Johnny's car, talking about bad clams, and he tells Johnny to put hospitals in the GPS. To drown him out, Johnny turns up the music. "Nice playlist," he says, to which the woman responds, "Nice plot twist." Johnny looks ahead to see the rings of fire and goes soaring through them. Richard Lewis wants to hop out.

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