What Are Some Funny Dog Commercials by Subaru?


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“What’s the Fuss About” and “In the Doghouse” are two comical commercials made by Subaru that feature dogs. The commercials follow a humanized dog family named the Barkleys and their exploits while traveling in a Subaru.

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In “What’s the Fuss About,” the commercial opens with the Barkley family barking. It is revealed they are barking at a mail truck. In the commercial, “In the Doghouse,” the vehicle pulls up to a stop sign. The female dog growls at the male dog, who is watching a poodle walk past in the crosswalk.

Auggie plays the dad and is a golden retriever. Stevie plays the mom and is a Labrador retriever. The kids are played by Sadie and Sebastian, both golden retrievers.

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