What Are Funny Christmas Poems?

funny-christmas-poems Credit: turn off your computer and go outside/CC-BY-2.0

Funny Christmas poems include "Christmas Cheer," "A Politically Correct Christmas Poem" and "Neath Mistletoe." These poems are meant to highlight the lighter side of Christmas.

In the poem "Christmas Cheer," the writer talks about the various things that husbands and wives have on Christmas. The poem leads into how material possessions usually cause cheer for husbands and wives. It highlights how happiness should not cost anything.

"A Politically Correct Christmas Poem" shows the way that living in a society that is focused around making everything politically correct can be difficult. It speaks of new words that Santa must call his elves and how his sleigh was changed by the Environmental Protection Agency. In this poem, Santa also has to say goodbye to Mrs. Claus because of a divorce. Santa can no longer give out fur coats with leather boots.

"Neath Mistletoe" is a Christmas poem that borders on comedy and truth. It talks of the tradition of kissing underneath the mistletoe and the way that it has not changed over the years. The poem tells the readers that it is wise to take advantage of the person who is waiting underneath the mistletoe for them because the person may not always be waiting underneath the mistletoe.