What Are Some Funny 60th Birthday Poems?

A funny 60th birthday poem is, "You are too old / For throwing a party / You are too young / To pass the day smugly / You are too old / To wear a birthday cap / But you are too young / To celebrate with a nap / Such is the dilemma / Of being sixty / Welcome to the age / Of perplexity / Happy 60th birthday." This sample was found at wishesmessages.com.

Funny poems about turning 60 will highlight the stereotypical life of one who is considered past their prime. Other funny 60th birthday poems on wishmessages are

  • "Six decades of life / You have lived so fine / There is no reason / To complain or whine / Your life has become / A perfect example / Of what it takes to be / An ideal role model / Happy 60th birthday!"
  • "At sixty, there is no need / For you to listen and heed / Other people's unnecessary advice / Or to compulsively be nice / At sixty, you can do what you wish / In your own way you can cherish / Your own life as you want to / I wish a happy birthday to you."