What Are Some Funny 25th Anniversary Poems?

Funny 25th anniversary poems can be found on various platforms, such as Jon Bratton's Verses 4 Cards and Denise Rodgers' Funny Poems For Free. The rhymes often incorporate the idea of a silver anniversary as well as poke gentle fun at how long the couple has been together, for example, "My wife and I were happy for 20 years — then we met."

A 25th wedding anniversary is also called a silver anniversary. In ancient Roman times, a husband crowned his wife with silver on their 25th wedding anniversary. In modern times, silver is often the theme of the gifts given to the couple. It's also the thematic color used for the celebration.

Teasing the long-married couple about their longevity is good fodder for funny poems. Poet Denise Rodgers wrote an anniversary poem on her website titled "I'll Go On Wrinkling." Poet Jon Bratton wrote the verse, "Happy 25th Anniversary, you two/ You've reached the marital autumn season./ (Mary) it's still your job to bitch/ And (John) yours to give her reason."

Some other sites that feature funny anniversary poems are Fashion Ekstrax and Anita Poems. There are many one-liner anniversary poems that gently poke fun at couples on Poem of Quotes.