What Are Some Fun Trivia Questions About "Saved By The Bell?"

What Are Some Fun Trivia Questions About "Saved By The Bell?"

One trivia question about "Saved By the Bell" asks which girl Screech dates. The answer, from the second season of the show, is Violet Bickerstaff.

Another trivia question is "What is Slater's sister's name?" Slater's sister is named JB. JB comes to Bayside during season four, much to his excitement, until Zack wants to date her.

"What is Jessie's stepbrother's name?" is another question. His name is Eric. He arrives from New York City and is listed as Jessie's devious stepbrother. Eric extorts money from Zack, for instance, in exchange for not telling on Zack for skipping school. This occurs during season three of the show, during both episodes 13 and 14.

Screech's actual name is another trivia question about the show, with the answer being Samuel Powers. Screech's character was involved in every single season and spinoff of the show.

"The Max" is the answer to the trivia question, "What restaurant does the gang hang out at?" The Max is where the Bayside Tigers celebrated after games. The restaurant was owned by Max, and Kelly Kapowski worked there as well. The restaurant was an actual fully-functional food service that fed extras on the show food from the craft services table.