What Are Some Fun Styles of Dancing?

What Are Some Fun Styles of Dancing?

Some fun styles of dancing include jazz, tap, hip-hop, swing, and country and western. These are some of the most popular dance styles in the world and are fun for both new dancers and experienced ones.

Jazz dancing is fun and exciting because it focuses on originality and improvisation. A jazz dancer can interpret and execute the steps and moves in a way that displays a dancer's individual style. Jazz dancing has a reputation for being a particularly energetic form of dance because it consists of unique moves, intricate footwork, big leaps and fast turns.

Tap dancing is exciting because the dancers wear special shoes that create rhythmic patterns and timely beats to pair with the dance moves. Tap dancing typically includes movements from jazz and ballet dancing that contribute to a fun and unique dance experience.

Hip-hop dancing is a style that evolved from the hip-hop culture and breakdancing. While breakdancing was done primarily on the ground, hip-hop dance moves are usually performed standing up.

Swing dancing is fun because it is a particularly social form of dance that lets dancers lift, spin and flip their partners. Swing dancing is popular among all ages and is a good dance for crowded floors because it is a non-progressive dance style that it is mostly performed in one spot.

For those who enjoy country-western music and wearing cowboy boots, country and western dancing can be very fun. Country and western dancing is an informal and relaxed style that emphasizes smoothness on the dance floor.