What Are Some Fun One Direction Personality Quizzes?


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Some fun One Direction personality quizzes include, “Which One Direction Member Are You Most Like?” and “What One Direction Song Are You?” One Direction personality quizzes can be found on websites such as AllTheTests.com and PlayBuzz.com.

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AllTheTests.com has several One Direction personality quizzes available. Some of these include “Which One Direction Hunk Are You?” and “Which Member of One Direction Are You?” The One Direction personality quizzes on AllTheTests.com ask questions such as favorite type of shoe, favorite dessert option and favorite member of One Direction. Once the questions are answered, AllTheTests.com formulates the user’s personality based on the answers. For example, the answers of the test for “What One Direction Song Are You?” come up as a percentage, which is broken down to give the user insight into his personality based on the song he is most like.

The quiz on PlayBuzz.com asks the user nine questions then determines which band member the user is most like based on the answers. The results also include information about the user’s personality, such as flirty, kind or shy. The quiz results from both websites can be posted to Facebook and Twitter, so users can share the results with family and friends.

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